[themex_services icon_size=”” icon_color=”” title_color=”” desc_color=”” extra_class=””] [themex_services_item column=”4″ title=”Legal malpractice” faicon=”balance-scale” btn_text=”Read More” button_url=”http://www.chandlermoorelaw.com/practice-area-legal-malpractice” button_style=”transparent” button_size=”default” target=”_self” animation_type=”fadeInLeft” animation_delay=”500″]Legal malpractice and other professional liability claims arise when the conduct of a lawyer or other professional falls below the minimum standard of care required by law. We represent clients with valid claims against professionals, and we also represent defendant lawyers whose clients have filed claims against them.[/themex_services_item] [themex_services_item column=”4″ title=”State Bar disciplinary defense” faicon=”university” btn_text=”Read More” button_url=”http://www.chandlermoorelaw.com/practice-area-state-bar-disciplinary-defense” button_style=”transparent” button_size=”default” target=”_self” animation_type=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”500″]We represent lawyers whose clients have complained to the State Bar of Georgia that their conduct has violated one or more of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, which all lawyers are required to follow.[/themex_services_item] [themex_services_item column=”4″ title=”Serious personal injury” faicon=”stethoscope” btn_text=”Read More” button_url=”http://www.chandlermoorelaw.com/practice-area-serious-personal-injury-wrongful-death” button_style=”transparent” button_size=”default” target=”_self” animation_type=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”500″]We represent people (and their families) who have been seriously injured or killed as a consequence of someone else’s negligence, including car and trucking wrecks, slip and falls, and other kinds of serious injury cases.[/themex_services_item][/themex_services]
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